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Betty Bernstein musical CD

The historic Amberroad runs along the border river March through the north-eastern Weinvirtel. In many museums and excursion destinations in the Weinviertel, the brand BETTY BERNSTEIN stands for child-friendly and family-oriented culture. After a Betty Bernstein musical was successfully performed in the 15th year of the existence of the "Österreichische Bernsteinstraße" in 2016, the final project is to produce a CD with the songs that took place in the musical. Already at the musical project, schoolchildren from the Volksschulen, Neue Mittelschulen and Gymnasiums of all four performance venues (Poysdorf, Wolkersdorf, Mistelbach and Zistersdorf) as well as young talents from musical classes and music schools were involved in the Weinviertel. According to the motto "A project from the region for the region". In addition to the musical project, a program booklet also provided information on the history of the Amberroad in the Weinviertel. The Muscial CD is to be accompanied by a booklet with the story about the Amberraod. With these new methods and materials, regional knowledge is to be conveyed in a new and contemporary manner. The CD will be presented to the public in autumn. Each of the 113 schools in the Weinviertel will be provided free of charge for three of the Betty Bernstein Muscial CD's. Furthermore, the CD will be offered for sale in the autumn of 2017.


Features: Die Österreichische Bernsteinstraße, Poysdorf

Project duration: 10.04.2017 - 31.12.2017


Download: Project-Factsheet

further Informations: click here


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