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Video: Happy in Mistelbach

The Mistelbach refugee aid platform wants to document the diversity of people currently living in 57 countries in Mistelbach (192 worldwide).

To this end, a video is commissioned, which depicts this fact artistically - concretely - in musical short form.

In short film sequences, the well-known musical motif ("Happy" by Pharrell Williams) is to be discussed again and again. The individual dance movements of the performers are assembled in a continuous form, in order to act as a praise to the region, this life-loving city. The continuously animated music offers the acoustic framework, which is presented by all the actors according to their perception and mode of movement.

The diversity of the nationalities of these dancers is emphasized. The amateur and more professional character sequences are humorously, but also dignified in the film section and mounted to a condensed moral image of a region. For example, The diversity of various professions here in this culture-friendly city with wit and charm are captured. But the diversity of the clubs, which are used by its inhabitants as well, should be shown. The youths and the elderly should be prepared in a collective agreement. The city is to be represented as a joyful place of joy and exhilaration. The region's creativity and distinctiveness will also be evident in the many different shops and restaurants. Mistelbach as a place of culture is also shown here in its flexibility and its bearers of a cultural understanding.


Features: Plattform Flüchtlingshilfe Mistelbach, Mistelbach

Project duration: 10.04.2017 - 31.12.2017


Download: Project-Factsheet


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Das Video "Happy in Mistelbach"



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