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Handicapped walking and cycling trail

The community of Bad Pirawarth is expanding its main theme "health and health". A promenade is to be built as a barrier-free axis through the village. This is intended to take special care of people with special needs, but in principle be available to the whole population.

The change of existing tendencies and the new construction of a bridge create the perfect conditions for a disabled-friendly way.

The measures in detail include: signs for improvement orientation, markings on the way with the aim of better assessment of the distances, curved lines on the ground are exercises.

Benches along the promenade are planned at appropriate intervals from the Kurhaus. An elevated seat height of the benches with 53cm and an appropriate equipment with armrests are provided.

The brackets known as bicycle brackets also serve as a restraining surface for a rollator. At each resting place, a manure bucket with ashtray is also provided.

The training equipment can be used by all population groups. However, equipment is also available for wheelchair users. This "motor park" is the continuation of the training equipment already situated in front of the Kurhaus.

The "Brainwalk" is a simple signpost with simple questions and information about Bad Pirawarth. Lighting and railings at appropriate places should give a special sense of safety.


Features: Marktgemeinde Bad Pirawarth, Bad Pirawarth

Project duration: 01.10.2017 - 31.12.2018


Download: Project-Factsheet


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