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Objectives of LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Objectives are set to be achieved. In sport, whoever succeeds in this as quickly as possible often wins. Quality is most important for regional development. Thus, the LEADER programme in the eastern Weinviertel seeks to pursue and achieve the following eight objectives in the best way possible within the programme period. These are without doubt eight challenging achievements.



Focus on regional products (Code: WS_01)

Regional products represent the diversity of the Weinviertel region, but also beyond its regional borders. Even its own population are increasingly relying on products from their own environment. The optimisation of production and marketing platforms results in increased added value. A supra-regional and Europe-wide “view beyond the horizon” provides new ideas and approaches.


Tourism services on the pulse. (Code: WS_02)

Innovative accents in the field of wine, delicatessen and cuisine on the one hand and, on the other hand, cycle, pilgrimage and nature tourism create new opportunities for tourism. The Weinviertel region also offers opportunities which are tailored to specific target groups, such as young people or families.


Economic incentives – Networkers. (Code: WS_03)

Innovative ideas and minds are kept and activated in the region, thus, for example, ways can be found to contain the outflow of purchasing from the region. Networking activities spread to different educational and economic sectors.


Preserve and experience natural and cultural heritage. (Code NR_01)

Nature (conservation) hot-spots and selected cultural heritage sites provide an insight into the history of the Weinviertel region and they are also unique features of our region. We can only raise the profile of our region if we preserve and appreciate this knowledge and the awareness of these resources and values.


From learning, knowledge and dissemination. (Code: GW_01)

Learning never stops, so it is important to use, develop, but also pass on regional and personal competences. The practical exchange of experience at the national and European level is opening up new perspectives in the region. Regional and supra-regional educational institutions are working together to optimise the educational offerings.


Self-aware and region-aware! (Code: GW_02)

We are from the Weinviertel! The basis for this is sound regional knowledge and an integral Weinviertel profile. The “cool” mutual image building promotes identification with the region. The result is outstanding regional awareness.


Quality of life in all situations. (Code: GW_03)

Weinviertel = quality of life! Developed rural buildings and housing offer a modern quality of life in different situations. The region provides a wide range of activities for young and old alike due to the further development of leisure and recreational activities.


Solidarity as a design principle. (Code: GW_04)

The community in the villages and towns in the Weinviertel region provides the basis for functional coexistence. A long-term, solidarity-oriented and social society can be strengthened by the work of associations, the consideration of the requirements of people with special needs, the removal of barriers and the integration of persons who are not yet involved.

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