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Objectives of LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Objectives are set to be achieved. In sport, whoever succeeds in this as quickly as possible often wins. Quality is most important for regional development. Thus, the LEADER programme in the eastern Weinviertel seeks to pursue and achieve the following eight objectives in the best way possible within the programme period. These are without doubt eight challenging achievements.



  • Focus on regional products (Code: WS_01)
  • Tourism services on the pulse (Code: WS_02)
  • Economic incentives – Networkers (Code: WS_03)



  • Preserve and experience natural and cultural heritage (Code NR_01)



  • From learning, knowledge and dissemination (Code: GW_01)
  • Self-aware and region-aware! (Code: GW_02)
  • Quality of life in all situations (Code: GW_03)
  • Solidarity as a design principle (Code: GW_04)