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Regional products in the KOST.bar (opulent) Weinviertel

We use a variety of different approaches to move the delicacies of Austria’s Weinviertel into the spotlight. For more information, please visit our website www.kostbares-weinviertel.at.

Raising awareness and passing on knowledge about regional products among the population

The Weinviertel has a wide range of regional products. We use various methods to increase awareness and knowledge of this variety of offers.

This includes having a closer look at the historical origins of Weinviertel products with the help of short video clips.

We use the Weinviertel food pyramid to show that our everyday meals could almost exclusively come from Weinviertel products.

The calendar of delights offers an overview of which products are freshly available in the KOST.bar (opulent) Weinviertel.

At www.kostbares-weinviertel.at, you can find more interesting topics focusing on regionality, seasonality and food, as well as top tips and facts and figures.

Raising awareness of regional products among children

One matter that is particularly important for us is increasing awareness about Weinviertel products among children.

In 2017, as part of the ideas competition in primary schools, we invited our young Jausenbox-Detektive (lunchbox detectives) to get their magnifying glasses out and take a closer look at Weinviertel products. We got some excellent results.

For children, we offer a special cut-out sheet of the Weinviertel food pyramid.

For nursery schools, we joined up with seminar writers to develop 2-hour workshops that help spread valuable knowledge about regional products in an entertaining format. From September 2019 to November 2020, the seminar writers are on the road visiting nursery schools with Lotte the sheep.

We’re placing Weinviertel’s regional products in the limelight

In 2017, Weinviertel producers came together to introduce themselves to the people of Vienna at the event “Das KOST.bare Weinviertel zu Gast in der Markterei” (The opulent Weinviertel visits the Markterei farmer’s market), organised by LEADER.

But we’ve also collaborated on numerous Weinviertel DAC presentations, thus creating a suitable presentation platform for Weinviertel products.

Together with Weinviertel Tourismus, we have organised the summer Genusstour Weinviertel (Weinviertel tour of delights) for 2020. For this event, the participating businesses will open their doors for one day and invite people in to meet them and learn about their products.

Make regional products available

Our goal is to improve the availability of Weinviertel products even more. That’s why we invited people to submit ideas for marketing opportunities as part of our “kost.bares” call, for example. This is how the Gmoabauernlodn (community farm shop) in Niederkreuzstetten came about.

Alongside KOST.bar (opulent) Weinviertel’s suppliers of delights, we work towards making Weinviertel products available from local suppliers.

Weinviertel product database and recipe database

The heart of our website www.kostbares-weinviertel.at is our online product database in its many versions and our recipe database.

You can already find over 4,000 products from more than 300 producers as well as marketers from the eastern and western Weinviertel.

In the recipe database, you can see where you can get the ingredients in KOST.bar (opulent) Weinviertel with just a few clicks.

Different search functions offer various options for browsing the databases and finding what you need.

Projects arising from this

One of our goals is to continue improving the availability of Weinviertel products. The following projects help with achieving this aim and are supported by LEADER funding: