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Smart Region Weinviertel Ost

The term “Smart Region” stands for the vision of digitally networked regions that pursue socially, ecologically and economically sustainable goals. For example, improved resource efficiency, a higher quality of life, the promotion of the local economy, the creation of innovation spaces, more social participation as well as increased accessibility and efficiency to public services.


Smart regions also describe the capabilities of municipalities and regions to master existing and future challenges by developing new solutions to overcome problems and to take advantage of opportunities that lead to the development of prosperous and livable places for all interest groups (citizens, business, administration and science) accelerated and supported.


The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost would like to develop into a Smart Region over the next few years. This step should succeed with different projects and measures for the listed fields of action.

Demographic development in the eastern Weinviertel

The demography tool developed by the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost offers a quick and compact overview of the demographic developments in our communities. You can use it to call up statistical data online at any time, which can also be compared. For example, comparisons with other municipalities, our small regions, the LEADER region and Lower Austria are possible and can be made. Forecasts for future developments can also be called up and the data is updated automatically.


Click here for the demopgraphy tool of LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Demographics tool user guide

Statistics available in the Demography tool



Digitization in the communities

Times change. Thanks to modern, partly digital tools, access to information, offers and services is becoming ever easier. If you want to change your place of residence, buy a garbage bag or register an event, you still have to appear in person at the town hall or at the municipal office in many municipalities. Defects in the community - such as a broken street lamp in front of one's own house - can often only be reported personally. With the “Smart Region Eastern Weinviertel” project, we want to change this and establish a first sub-area of ​​the Smart Region approach in the eastern Weinviertel - the sub-area Smart Government. The focus is primarily on the further development of our region with its 58 communities. This also includes the mobile phone signature. With an online campaign we would like to encourage citizens to apply for their electronic signature. All information about the mobile phone signature can be found here.





Citizen & customer service in the municipal administration

How “smart” a community administration is can primarily be read from the indicators transparency, citizen and customer orientation and the associated infrastructure. Citizen participation, simple and open access to services, offers and information for all population groups and the economy are elementary components here. These can be based on new digital technologies, but must equally ensure the inclusion of all population groups through suitable offers. An important approach is to encourage innovation in communities. A working group installed for this purpose deals in our project with innovative solutions for things in everyday community life.



Smart solutions in the communities

The basic aim of this project is to use innovative solutions to take advantage of new opportunities and to overcome problems in order to increase the quality of life and the attractiveness of the location in the 58 member communities of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost. Many municipalities still have too little idea of ​​what is already possible in terms of services of general interest through digitization. This is why a series of events on smart public services is being created here in the region.

Community innovation hub

Digitization also requires a certain degree of innovation in our municipal offices. In general, there is still little willingness to innovate in many municipalities. In order to enable a new way of thinking, an innovation laboratory for communities is to be founded together with the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost.