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Solidarity as a design principle

Focusing on the topic of “Solidarity as a design principle”, we launched a series of projects in 2016, illustrating new approaches to social and united cohabiting. We used various different methods of drawing attention to barriers, as well as presenting exciting and innovative approaches.

Specialist conference on “Breaking down barriers”

In 2016, we arranged the specialist conference “Breaking down barriers”, at which select experts and professionals shed light on the topic of “accessibility” from various different perspectives. There were presentations on legal foundations and expert backgrounds, and we looked at the challenges that people with disabilities face in their everyday life. What’s more, practical examples of how barriers can be broken down at a local level were also demonstrated.

Just think socially

As part of our image campaign “Think socially”, we worked hard on spreading information and awareness about social topics in 2016. Various methods were used to gather facts, dates and correlations and different media were used to present them. As a result of this, our explanatory video “Abbau von Barrieren” (breaking down barriers) was also created.

There are also people next door

Between 2016 and 2017, we arranged various initiatives and measures on the topic of migration and integration. With the help of various media, terms, issues, backgrounds and regional data were prepared and presented in a comprehensible format. This ranged from Facebook posts to evening lectures in the local area, to videos with “people from next door”.

Projects arising from this

On the topic of “Solidarity as a design principle”, the following projects were created, with the support of LEADER funding: