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This is how LEBENS.wert (pleasant to live in) the Weinviertel and our municipalities are – the LEBENS.wert (pleasant to live in) Weinviertel

We can show you just how pleasant Austria’s Weinviertel is to live in. We break the mould and bring new ideas to improve the quality of life for all those in Austria’s eastern Weinviertel. You can find more information on our website.

Population survey: Quality of life in the Weinviertel

In order to better understand the population’s concerns and above all to explore local characteristics, the LEADER region of Weinviertel Ost conducted a survey on quality of life in 2017. The positive results of the survey were that the happiness of the people in the Weinviertel Ost region was above the Austrian average of 7.1 on the “Better Life Index”, coming in at 7.2.


At the core of the analysis, however, there was a focus on the desires and potential areas for improvement within the region. The points mentioned were noticed throughout the entire region. This made it possible for the LEADER team to develop a regional project with the aim of addressing and improving these “weak points”.

Everything the Weinviertel has to offer

Celebrations make everyone happy and promote cohesion. We continuously provide information to keep people up to date with the celebrations and events happening in the eastern Weinviertel. Locals and incomers alike can come together to spend some quality time together.


From Spring 2019 to Spring 2020, the LEADER Weinviertel Ost region is holding a photography competition. All interested Weinviertel watchers can send us their photos.


We have developed a leisure database. The leisure options in Weinviertel are as diverse as the people themselves. Exciting day trip destinations entice young and old to visit.

Weinviertel leisure database

Why look far afield when the good stuff is so close? In order to demonstrate all the experiences you can have in the Weinviertel, the LEADER Weinviertel Ost region has put together a leisure database. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to be indoors or enjoy the fresh air, or whether you’re looking for sport or cultural activities. You can find the best tips for day trips, leisure activities or weekends away in our leisure database.


Thanks to our new leisure database, you can find day trip destinations with just a few clicks. Even if the weather gets in the way of your fun plans, searching for things to do on a rainy day couldn’t be easier, as various search functions can be used to narrow down the results. The database will show all the leisure activities that match the search terms. An area search also makes it possible to limit the results to the immediate surroundings.

Municipalities fit for the future

In order to adapt local communication to the digital world, a number of measures have been taken by the LEADER Weinviertel Ost region:


In order to give the municipalities a modern online presence (e.g. responsible web design), they underwent a website relaunch programme. A website is crucial for communal location marketing and is also indispensable for advertising.


At the moment, the top tool for marketing is videos. For this reason, two-minute promotional videos were produced for each of the municipalities. This involved filming various scenes at different locations with the aim of highlighting the municipalities’ USPs.


To allow the municipalities to present themselves in a modern way on various platforms, professional promotional photos have been produced.


The local newspaper is the most read medium and is therefore indispensable for passing on information to local residents. For this reason, a communications expert held workshops on this topic.


At a media and copyright workshop, the municipalities learned how to structure their publications without violating any applicable laws.


Good visual content is the be all and end all of public relations. In the photography workshop, municipal workers learned the basics of photography.

Moving to and integrating into the local area

There are various demographic development dynamics in each of the 58 municipalities of the LEADER Weinviertel Ost region. Some municipalities are growing extremely quickly because of high migration rates from Vienna. Other municipalities have almost halved in recent decades because immigration is not high enough to balance out the low birth rates. Regardless of whether the population is increasing or decreasing overall in a particular municipality, lots of new people move to these places every year. That is to say, there are many “new faces” in the area who you can get to know and who you can help to integrate into the village and local life. Newcomers often only take part marginally in community life and barely make use of what the place has to offer (financially). For this reason, we get involved here specifically and have developed and put together welcome packs as a first step.

Projects arising from this

A variety of actions help improve the quality of life in the eastern Weinviertel: spreading regional knowledge, raising awareness, the quality of our living space with its leisure and recreational infrastructure, solidarity within society and advertising regional products and ideas for the regional economy. In addition to our own initiatives for LEBENS.wert (pleasant to live in) Weinviertel, lots of projects have been created with other sponsors.