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Topotheque – Our local area back in the day

A great deal of historical knowledge captured in old photographs often sits hidden away in drawers and cupboards in people’s private homes and, as a result, can get lost forever. In order to secure these historical documents for posterity, we make it possible to digitalise old photos and film material. These are then made available and can be accessed by the entire population on the platform www.topothek.at/en.

Municipalities with topotheques

You can find a list of all topotheques already online here. Just click on the municipality you are interested in and you will be taken directly to the online platform, where you can admire all the content.


Altlichtenwarth, Asparn an der Zaya, Auersthal, Bad Pirawarth, Ernstbrunn, Falkenstein, Fallbach, Gaubitsch, Gaweinstal, Gnadendorf, Großebersdorf, Hauskirchen, Herrnbaumgarten, Hochleithen, Hohenruppersdorf, Kreuttal, Kreuzstetten, Laa an der Thaya (Hanfthal), Matzen-Raggendorf, Neudorf im Weinviertel, Neusiedl an der Zaya, Niederleis, Palterndorf-DobermannsdorfPoysdorf (Altruppersdorf, Erdberg, Föllim, Ketzelsdorf, Kleinhadersdorf, Ladendorf, Poysbrunn, Walterskirchen, Wilhelmsburg), Prottes, Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf, Spannberg, Sulz im Weinviertel, Wildendürnbach, Wilfersdorf, Zistersdorf



In some of our LEADER-municipalities there have been topotheques before our project started. If you click on the municipality you can see the historical pictures of: Großengersdorf, Großkrut, Groß-Schweinbarth, Mistelbach, Pillichsdorf, Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf, Ulrichskirchen-Schleinbach und Wolkersdorf.

We present old town views

We would like to introduce you to our communities "back in the day" and regularly show historical images in form of town views on our website. Do you also have old pictures of your community? Then get in touch with us in the LEADER office. We publish your pictures and / or pass them on to your responsible topothequer. HERE you can have a look at which location views have already been uploaded!