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Is my idea eligible for funding?

Project implementation – the project gets going

You have received an approval letter for LEADER funding for your project? Congratulations! It is now time to carry out the implementation according to your project description as precisely as possible.
An approval is not a legal entitlement to the actual payment of funding. Whether the funding is paid at the end depends on the achievement of your project goals, which you defined upon submission.


If you pay attention to the following points, then not much can go wrong:


    •    Implement the project exactly according to your das project description, then the project goals for our region will certainly be achieved.

    •    Always observe proper accounting, so that your project does not face any difficulties during settlement.

    •    Pay attention to correct payments, so that it is also clear that the costs were actually incurred.

    •    You are obliged to publish the funding authority for all project measures, so that everyone knows the EU helps us to further develop our region.

    •    Regularly check whether you project is having the desired effect by means of project indicators. This is the only way in which we can intervene in a timely manner, so that your project objectives are not at risk.


    Have fun with your project! We will be sure to visit you :-)