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Is my idea eligible for funding?

1. My idea comes under one of the following categories?


Added value

Focus on regional products.

Strengthening the regional agriculture and forestry and developing regional product ranges


Tourism services on the puls.

Strengthening the regional tourism


Economic incentives - Networkers.

Strengthening the regional economy




Natural and cultural heritage

Preserve and experience natural and cultural heritage.

Protecting the cultural landscape and safeguarding the regional natural and cultural heritage





From learning, knowledge and dissemination.

Funding the practical exchange of experience, education and further education as well as the principle of lifelong learning


Self-aware and region-aware!

Dissemination of regional knowledge and strengthening regional awareness


Quality of life in all situations.

Upgrading the environment and further developing the leisure and recreational structures


Solidarity as a design principle.

Strengthening the social solidarity and organising demographic tasks