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Handicapped walking and cycling trail

Bad Pirawarth realized on the former railway line a "handicapped accessible walking and cycling path". The promenade moves on the old railway track, which meanders gently along the creek next to the beautiful Kurhausstraße through the town. The equipment was made especially for people with special needs: signage helps to give orientation or identity to the place. A large "main picture" - a postcard view from the "Golden Age of Bad Pirawarth" - is set up as a decoration in the former station Pyrawarth. Markers on the way pursue multiple goals. On the one hand, as a "mileage" in the sense of the old railway line for people with special needs an assessable distance to the spa house should be possible. Furthermore, names were marked with community facilities, arrows and directions.

Curved lines on the ground serve as exercises. By the markings is e.g. a UKK - Walking possible. E-charging stations, training equipment and resting islands with brainwashing panels have been realized. The benches along the promenade were provided with raised seating height and armrests. Training equipment was also carried out. Such as a Latzug + rowing machine, which is specially adapted to wheelchair users. The "Brainwalk" is a sign attached to the lanterns with simple questions. The tree planting along the promenade was provided with signs. Further information can also be obtained via a mobile QR code.


Features: Marktgemeinde Bad Pirawarth, Bad Pirawarth

Project duration: 01.10.2017 - 31.12.2018


Download: Project-Factsheet


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