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Der Zukunft RAUM geben - Velm-Götzendorf

Vacancies are becoming an increasingly hot topic in our communities. More and more buildings and business areas are vacant in the town centers, but this negative trend does not stop in front of our cultural asset, Kellergasse. All these developments lead to increased costs for communities, necessary reallocations on the outskirts, a loss of village community and ultimately to the extinction of the village and city centers and thus a loss of importance for the community. One thing is clear, in a place without life, only with empty buildings, nobody will live or even want to live - that must be prevented.

The municipality of Velm-Götzendorf with 773 inhabitants currently has more than 40 undeveloped lots in the center (building land) and a further 55 vacant residential buildings. The combination of the declining population and the lack of living space are clear signs of long-term depopulation in the community. This negative spiral needs to be broken.


Features: Gemeinde Velm-Götzendorf, Velm-Götzendorf

Project duration: 01.07.2021 - 30.06.2023


Download: Project-Factsheet




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