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Exploration, valorisation of cultural landscape cellar lanes

The project aimed to research, protect, preserve and communicate this unique cultural heritage. An essential part was the scientific analysis of the building and usage history using the example of the cellar lane "Alte Geringen" in the town of Ketzelsdorf in the township of Poysdorf and the cellar lane "Loamgstettn" in the town of Ameis in the market town of Staatz. All objects were measured, which are for the historical building

Research and inventory served. A related symposium in October 2018 in Poysdorf with many specialist speakers on the topics of "exploration & development", "protection & control", "conservation & development" and "use & mediation" also formed the basis for a related book "Cultural landscape of the cellar lanes" . In addition, brochures relating to the cellar lane "Alte Geringen" and the cellar lane "Loamgstettn" were produced from the results. A building guide was also drawn up as a guideline for the proper maintenance of the cellar lanes. At the same time, the project also created places for invitations through arbors, bicycle parking facilities and Weinviertel wine taverns.


Features: Stadtgemeinde Poysdorf, Poysdorf

Project duration: 01.07.2018 - 31.12.2019


Download: Project-Factsheet


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