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Fit for social media

The society „Weinstraße Weinviertel – Veltlinerland“ has 195 members and they have worked on inspiriting the region and increasing the added value for 25 years. Now there should be offered support for a professional appearance in Social-Media – in usage as well as in metaphorical language.

Social-Media-platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc.) have become important aspects for professional marketing. Medial attention and modern communication demand professional schooling for optimal using of Social-Media as well as valuable pictures and clips for media, catalogues, websites, booking platforms, newsletter and online-marketing.

The target-oriented usage of Social-Media for marketing and advertisement should be parted in four different workshops: 1. Basics, 2. Help, what shall I post?, 3. How to create beautiful photos and videos with a smartphone and 4. The endless possibilities of Social-Media-advertisement. Furthermore, there are “professional photography” (ten valuable pictures per concern/municipality) and “recordings with drones” (a clip of 30 seconds and five drone photos) offered to the members.


Features: Weinstraße Weinviertel – Veltlinerland, Falkenstein

Project duration: 01.05.2019 - 31.07.2021


Download: Project-Factsheet


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