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Genussrastplatz Baumkreis Veltlinerland

In the access area of the facility around the Baumkreis Veltlinerland in Kettlasbrunn there is a wine cellar and an adjoining square. This made sense to build a rest area for cyclists and hikers. The wine cellar has been preserved in its typical design and has been equipped so that cyclists, hikers and day-trippers can help themselves every day from April to October.

A pergola with seating, an information board and a Weinviertel flag were erected next to the wine cellar. Recognition as a resting place for pleasure is thus ensured.

By implementing and creating a rest area for pleasure, lingering at the Baumkreis Veltlinerland was made more attractive. Cyclists and hikers can now take a break, strengthen themselves and enjoy the Kellergasse cultural asset and the natural surroundings.

The pleasure rest area in Kettlasbrunn is located on a cycle path that creates a connection between the main cycle routes “Euro Velo 9”, “Sylvaner” and “Gelber Muskateller”.


Features: Arbeits- und Interessensgemeinschaft Baumkreis Veltlinerland, Kettlasbrunn

Project duration: 01.06.2019 - 31.10.2020


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