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"Kauf Regional" measures to strengthen the regional economy in Mistelbach

The COVID-19 pandemic, but also other current crises and the associated ongoing digitization show us how important the development of resilient regions and societies is. An important element on the way there is the sustainable strengthening of regional economic cycles. With the present project, regional businesses are therefore to be brought in front of the curtain and a modern customer loyalty program or bonus program is to be installed. For this purpose, an innovative app will be purchased and set up according to the specific requirements of the region, the municipalities and businesses. Accompanied by comprehensive marketing measures, the local population, but also visitors and tourists, should be reached in the eastern Weinviertel.

The "Kauf Regional" project is thus an important cornerstone for the future-oriented further development of the regional economy in the Weinviertel.


Features: MIMA Mistelbacher Standort-/Stadt- und Tourismusmarketing GmbH, Mistelbach

Project duration: 01.05.2022 - 31.12.2024


Download: Project-Factsheet



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