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Living in the area around Laa

The region is positioning itself as viable future residential and living area. Intercommunal location marketing will become the leading topic of the regional collaboration.

Foundation work regarding the vacancies, real estate and properties, raising awareness for the topics of influx and utilization of vacancies, development of arguments presenting the area as future residential location, initiation of marketing measures to induce influx from outside the area and fill vacancies. A service facility will be established.

The project „Leben im Land um Laa“ aims to pursue two objectives. On the one hand, people should become motivated to transfer their residence to the territory around Laa, on the other hand, people living in the area should be motivated to stay. To reach these goals, activities with regards to both internal and external marketing are essential, in particular:

Web presence, awareness building, initiatives fostering the creation of housing and renting (increase in residential construction, housing tailored to target groups, uniform building regulations, demolition and disposal) and the creation of a cooperation platform, as well as the development and implementation of joint CI and comprehensive marketing initiatives.


Features: Lebensraum Land um Laa, Laa an der Thaya

Project duration: 01.10.2017 - 30.09.2020


Download: Project-Factsheet

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