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Blessed Spannberg

The village of Spannberg in the heart of the Weinviertel has been confronted with energy production for decades. OMV brought prosperity and immigration to the small community in the second half of 19th century. Then wind turbines have been grown up in the region by the energy revolution. These gentle giants stand for environmental protection, innovation and regional jobs. Now both technologies work together wonderfully in Spannberg. But this change is often too fast for citizens. The society would like to have more security and fears changes. So it could mean losing the job or the change of the landscape. Citizens want to be heard. They want to help shape it, too. Therefore, Spannberg decided to launch a broad public participation process. The goal was to create a mission statement for the community. The focus was on maintaining identity and sustainable development. In order to bring people together, borders should be overcome and bridges should be built. Generations should be brought together, politics and administration will brought closer to the citizens.

In a broad participation process with questionnaires, interviews and events, opinions were able to develop freely, the positive was placed above the fears and the future of Spannberg was visualized. When the participants discussed their Spannberg of the future, the fears of the present took a back seat. An important goal was already achieved. Spannberg has already changed, although it is still at the beginning.


Features: Marktgemeinde Spannberg, Spannberg

Project duration: 01.04.2019 - 31.03.2020


Download: Project-Factsheet


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