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Up grading of the bycicle route "Dampfross und Drahtesel"

In 2000 the communities of Hagenbrunn, Großebersdorf and Wolkersdorf set up a cycling route at a place of an abandoned railwayline between Wien/Stammersdorf and Obersdorf.

The ARGE Dampfross & Drahtesel has been established and rest areas were erected along the track. The topic of railway history was visualized with the history of the local railway history.

In 2008 the cycling route was extended; the communities Großengersdorf, Bockfließ, Strasshof and Deutsch-Wagram have been included.

The gap was bridged in 2016: the community Gerasdorf has been integrated into the ARGE Dampfross & Drahtesel and the cycling route of 50 km length thus completed.

The same time the track was sign posted, a website instolled and a flyer published.

The theme track (? Themenradweg) is particulary significant for the cyclists from Vienna who look for leisure and sportive activity/entertainment.

The cycling route especially adresses families, couples and groues, which are able to reach the side by public transport easily.

In the frame of this project the cycling route shall be modernized with the help of a new overview map, new slides on the historical and touristai information boards, a new folder, an updated website and new photos.

As a special highlight, a story is to be told at selected stations /stopps and handed out to the visitors via website for example QR-Code.

In context with the newly created cycling route the whole region shall be recognized/presented as a region designated for biking – as a starting point for exploring Marchfeld and Weinviertel.

These activities shall create new offers and set impules in the aerea of cycling tourism.


Features: ARGE Dampfross & Drahtesel, Pillichsdorf

Project duration: 01.05.2018 - 30.04.2020


Download: Project-Factsheet

further Informations: click here


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