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potential analysis Großharras

The municipality Großharras is a market town with 1,140 inhabitants in the district Mistelbach in the small region of land to Laa. It includes the districts Diepolz, Großharras and Zwingendorf. The natural features include the Glauber's salt soils under protection in Zwingendorf. The nature reserve is equipped with a theme trail. Further information, for example on the fauna and flora, can also be found in the nearby village museum. Tourist worth mentioning are the charming cellar lane in Diepolz, the natural jewels cycle path, the Kamp-Thaya March cycle path, the excellent country inn Holzer and the proximity to the tourist already further developed places like Mailberg, Laa an der Thaya and the busy cellar lane in Unterstinkenbrunn, the Pulkautal, the Leiser mountains, Jaroslavice and Retz. As part of the project, a potential analysis for the tourist positioning and attractiveness of the municipality of Grossharras - especially around the nature reserve Glaubersalzböden - will be developed.


Features: Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH, Poysdorf

Project duration: 01.02.2019 - 31.01.2020


Download: Project-Factsheet



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