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Regional awareness Weinviertel

In contrast to other regions of Austria, such as the Waldviertel or the Südsteiermark the Weinviertel still have a rather weak regional awareness.

With this project, the LEADER regions of the Weinviertel want to rely on strong internal marketing within the region in order to establish the "WE" feeling in the population. Targeted communication and marketing measures illustrate the strengths and USPs of the Weinviertel region. The Weinviertel is also becoming more "visible" by raising the number of Weinviertel flags in the region and distributing marketing products such as stickers or tote bags.

By communicating regional knowledge - in short and concise stories - the project team wants to improve the identification with the home region. A special target groups are children of elementary school age for their own stories from the Weinviertel, as a book, film and educational material for the school class, be prepared.

For years there has been an interest in "Weinviertel" branded things in the population (for example: Weinviertel Hut, Weinviertel deck chair, etc.). In this project, new image articles representing the Weinviertel are being developed and made available to the population.


Features: LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost, Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel

Project duration: 20.08.2019 - 19.08.2022


Download: Project-Factsheet


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