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Study touristic application of the Weinviertel in Vienna

For many years the desire exists to present the Weinviertel more and better in Vienna. Almost 1,8 millions people live in front oft the Weinviertel, this is an enormous potential. But enough knowledge is missing, who are these people, which can be brought to the Weinviertel for a short trip or a few days. For which offers these people are affine, with which communication measures they can be addressed.

Through various initiatives, there are already specific events in Vienna (for example Weinviertel DAC presentation in the Hofburg of Vienna), but so far not yet under a common "roof Weinviertel". The various initiatives have not yet been coordinated and don’t apply reciprocally. There are currently plans for a new event in the federal capital of Vienna with a broad a participation as possible.

In order to be more tourist-efficient on the Viennese market and so to increase the value added in the Weinviertel a technical expertise will be sought within the scope of this project.


Features: Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH, Poysdorf

Project duration: 01.04.2017 - 12.12.2018


Download: Project-Factsheet


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