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Is my idea eligible for funding?

Small projects

You have a project idea which will not exceed an overall cost of € 5,700.00? You belong to a non-profit organisation, NGO or informal non-profit group? Then we can offer you a simplified approval procedure.


The project application is restricted to the project outline and the quotations for the items specified in the cost schedule.


Requirements & criteria:

  • Your project is related to the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost.
  • Your project makes a positive contribution to the objectives of the local development strategy of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost.
  • You belong to a non-profit organisation, NGO or informal non-profit group.
  • The financing of your project is secured.
  • Your project is not relevant to competition.
  • The max. project costs amount to € 5,700.00, and the lower cost limit is € 2,000.00.


Please note the dates and deadlines for submitting your project application!


The Project Selection Committee will decide on the funding during the next meeting using simplified quality criteria.


A maximum of 5% of the overall LEADER budget is spent on small projects. Once this percentage is reached, the further funding of small projects is no longer possible.

An activity report with sufficient (even photographic) documentation of implementation must be provided for the settlement of funding. A maximum of three small projects can be approved in the overall period per applicant.


If your project meets the criteria of a small project, then please arrange the further procedure with the LAG management!