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Innovative minds, fresh ideas, hard-working hands, the exchange of views and cooperation in pursuing and realisation of common objectives – these are all more important than money and funding. Shape the region with us! Give is your personal opinion via Facebook or on the blog. Take time to come to an information event or a workshop. Learn more, for example, through the newsletter. Meet people who want to achieve similar things to you! Bring new insight! We consider all of this as networking. We invite you to come and network with us. Everything else will happen by itself, as Henry Ford was right when he said:


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”


We would like to thank all those who have become involved in these processes and who carry on the idea of regional networking. Together, we have built a complex network in the past 7 years. Let us use it! Let us continue together!

The networking of thoughts, creative drive and ideas across the region are at the core of the LEADER programme. A tailored strategy, which was developed through intensive citizen participation, serves as a written summary and basis for the regional work. Various representatives of civil society, regional stakeholders, mayors, decision-makers and multipliers meet periodically at LEADER events. In this regard, the key aspects are participation, cooperation and networking. Thus, the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost provides platforms for the cooperation of around 114,000 inhabitants from 58 municipalities.


Of course, LEADER also seeks to establish partnerships with authorities, interest groups and regional organisations. District authorities, district chambers of agriculture, district offices of chambers of commerce – to name but a few – as well as small regions or other associations or organisations are part of, and contributors to, the LEADER process within the region.


Networking with neighbouring regions and at the provincial, federal and European level also plays an important role in LEADER. The LEADER regions in Europe, specifically the stakeholders in these regions, ultimately pursue the same idea – to shape their environment and strengthen regional identity.