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In terms of cross-border cooperation, contacts were sought and maintained with the neighbouring LEADER regions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Mikulov area – the MAS Mikulovsko from a LEADER perspective – is one of our direct neighbours. In 2013, Mikulov was a partner of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 “Bread & Wine”, and we are connected by cross-border cycle trails and much more. Among others, Lednice and Valtice, which are known for the Liechtenstein palaces in these regions, are part of the MAS Vinařská. Together with the Liechtenstein Palace Wilfersdorf, they are connected cultural assets and tourist attractions.


The Czech MAS Dolní Morava and the Slovakian MAS Podhoran are located further afield, but yet so close. Above all, the border river Morava and the natural heritage of the Morava-Thaya wetlands create joint interest, challenges and opportunities. The MAS Podhoran is also characterised by the Little Carpathians, thus regional products from the lowlands – i.e. the protected area of Zahorie – still play an important role.


More about MAS Mikulovsko > www.masmikulovsko.cz

More about MAS Vinařská > www.mas-vinarska.cz

More about MAS Dolní Morava > www.mas-dolnimorava.cz

More about MAS Podhoran > www.podhoran.sk


Cooperation has developed with other organisations beyond the national border over the years. For example, cooperation with the South Moravia Tourist Board with regard to the Kellergassen or the presentation of valuable assets from the Weinviertel region and South Moravia.


More about South Moravia Tourist Board > www.ccrjm.cz/de

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