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Around 2,400 LEADER regions provided rural incentives throughout Europe from 2007-2013. The same is expected for the current programme. Learning from this wealth of experience, getting to know best-practice projects, but also not making the errors which have led to problems is the immediate added value for European exchange programmes. Furthermore, we quote the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso): “If we succeed in looking at the world as a network, we will cease to see everything in just black and white.”


The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) links the participating interest groups throughout the European Union with rural development. The ENRD promotes the expansion and exchange of knowledge, facilitates the dissemination of information and promotes cooperation in rural Europe.


More about the European Network for Rural Development > http://enrd.ec.europa.eu


The European LEADER conference LINC (LEADER inspired network communication) is an initiative of Local Action Groups (LAGs) and national network offices for rural development which is open for all european LEADER-players. So far Austria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Luxembourg are chosen to organize conferences. LINC offers a special format. European exchange of experience is combined with challenging activities and European cuisine.


More aboute the European LEADER Konferenz LINC > www.info-linc.eu

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