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Processes and measures

During the development of the local development strategy 2014-2020, different measures were implemented, such as a future workshop, questionnaire, Lower Austrian news stories and much more...


The video delivers insight into the development process.
Weinviertel Ost

Population questionnaire "Design with us"

During an extensive questionnaire campaign, the entire population of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost was given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the local development strategy 2014-2020 and bring in opinions, ideas and visions. The results were processed and presented in a public workshop.


Download: Questionnaire Weinviertel Ost LES2020



Lower Austrian News stories concerning the 6 topic aeras of the LEADER Region Weinviertel

The topic areas of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost in the funding period 2007-2013 were presented in a 6 week series in cooperation with the Lower Austrian News. In the process, the readers were invited to co-develop the topic areas for the coming seven years by means of questionnaires.


Wine & Delicatessen

Download: NÖN Mistelbach KW19

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW19

Download: NÖN Korneuburg KW19


Healthy & Active

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW20


Wirtschaften & Gestalten

Download: NÖN Mistelbach KW21

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW21

Download: NÖN Korneuburg KW21


Industry & Design

Download: NÖN Mistelbach KW22

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW22

Download: NÖN Korneuburg KW22


Culture & Networking

Download: NÖN Mistelbach KW23

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW23

Download: NÖN Korneuburg KW23


Education & Qualification

Download: NÖN Mistelbach KW24

Download: NÖN Gänserndorf KW24

Download: NÖN Korneuburg KW24



process LES2020
process LES2020

Survey of mayors and stakeholders

In the period from May to July 2014, personal interviews were held with all mayors and stakeholders of the Region Weinviertel Ost, during which the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in the region were discussed in addition to the perception of LEADER as well as objectives and ideas.


Future workshop "Working together towards 2020"

The future workshop took place under the motto "Working together towards 2020..." in the Prince of Liechtenstein's Wine Cellars in Wilfersdorf on 01 July 2014. The first interim results of the questionnaire campaign, which had been running since April, were presented there. Building on this, the results were condensed in a SWOT analysis. More than 40 participants worked intensively on the issues for the strategy 2014-2020. 

process LES2020
process LES2020
process LES2020

Discussion groups with women, young people, regional partner businesses and tourism representatives

In July and August 2014, there were four discussion groups in the context of the development of the local development strategy for the coming funding period 2014-2020, and certain interest groups were invited to present their opinions and visions for the Weinviertel region. Women, young people, regional partner businesses and tourism representatives used this opportunity to share their ideas.