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Population structure information

Compared to other LEADER regions, the population density of the Region Weinviertel Ost with 58.62 inhabitants/km² (2014) is significantly lower than the Lower Austrian average of 80 inhabitants /km². The population of the entire region developed positively in recent years, but only slightly with growth of 0.95% between 2001 and 2013. The demographic change is particularly noticeable in the north of the region. The ever increasing proportion of people older than 55 is in contrast to the sharp decline in the proportion of people aged under 29. This is manifested by fewer births and more deaths. The entire region is characterised by more immigration than emigration. The population forecasts predict differentiated development for the Region Weinviertel Ost. There will be growth, particularly in municipalities around Vienna or along the transport corridors; however, the population will decrease in the northwest. Overall, however, the region will be a growth region in the coming years.

population pyramide
population forecast Lower Austria until 2031