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Schedule until 2020

The primary idea behind LEADER is to support people in the region to enhance their homeland. The population is the motor for rural development and innovation.


The objective of LEADER is to improve the quality of life and the economic conditions in the Region Weinviertel Ost. The three main priorities are the development of added value, the preservation and sustainable development of natural resources and cultural heritage as well as the strengthening of welfare structures and functions.


Each project idea must address at least one of the three fields of action, contribute to the achievement of regional objectives and thus make a positive contribution to the further development of the eastern Weinviertel. Innovative ideas, which involve incentives for the region and contribute to the achievement of the local development strategy, are promoted.


In 2020, the eastern Weinviertel will be a liveable region with integrated and committed people who will find a high quality of life and leisure and increased economic power here.