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Education & Qualification

The skills and abilities of regional stakeholders played a decisive role in the field of action “Education & Qualification”. Qualification programmes for our fields of action were promoted and initiated, e.g. Regional Partner Programme Weinviertel.


With regard to the establishment as a learning region, the cooperation with the regional educational institutions was of primary importance above all. An education database now provides an overview of adult education programmes.



  • 9 submitted projects
  • € 570,000 funding volume
  • € 780,000 investment volume



Download: Querfeldein "Bildung & Qualifizierung"


The Regional Partner Programme Weinviertel 2012/2013 was considered as a qualification programme for partner companies of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 and it was implemented in the context of "regional preparation" together with Destination Weinviertel. The organisation and support was provided by the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost team.


The task was to prepare the Weinviertel businesses at the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 through a new form of qualification. The focus was on the exchange of information and experience and the perception of the region from the perspective of the guest.


Thus, the Regional Partner Programme Weinviertel was developed (financed with ecoplus funding), and ultimately 138 Weinviertel businesses participated – winemakers, bakers, wine taverns, accommodation businesses, direct marketers, catering businesses and confectioners.


14 Weinviertel tours and 7 excursions were initiated in 2012 and 2013, which were led to authentic places in the Weinviertel region by specialists. The participants also had the option to learn more in seminars and workshops in selected topic areas. The main focus was on transfer of knowledge throughout the Weinviertel region. The objective was to create the basis for the sustainable networking of partner businesses.


The Regional Partner Programme started again in 2014 and it again provided a number of opportunities to make new contacts and experiences. In addition to the exchange of information and experience, the main focus was on education in the Weinviertel and quality assurance for businesses. The objective for the coming years will be to continue this work and to promote cooperation and networking throughout the Weinviertel in order to establish the Regional Partner Programme in the Weinviertel region in the long-term.


Das Ziel der nächsten Jahre wird es sein, hier weiterzuarbeiten und die Kooperation und Vernetzung weinviertelweit voranzutreiben, um so das Regionspartnerprogramm langfristig im Weinviertel zu etablieren. 

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Regional Partner Programme Weinviertel 2012/2013

With the theme "Bread & Wine", the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 focused on the strengths and key products of the Weinviertel region. At the same time, it provided an opportunity to showcase the variety of our region and draw attention to its precious assets and discoveries. The objective was to give a pleasurable impression to the inhabitants and visitors to the Weinviertel region.


Joint provisions were made so that the Weinviertel was introduced as varied and eventful, authentic and original, enjoyable and exciting before and after the gates of the Provincial Exhibition.


138 businesses were announced as Weinviertel partner businesses as part of a festive award ceremony at Mistelbach town hall in February 2013. These 138 Weinviertel partner businesses presented themselves and their special offers to the guests at the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013.


After successfully developing the Regional Partner Programme and announcing the businesses as “Weinviertel partner businesses”, active steps were taken. The joint development of business programmes was followed by their implementation:


Weinviertel Greeting: In order to start a stay in typical Weinviertel style, businesses offered the Weinviertel Greeting. This consisted of a glass of Weinviertel DAC and a piece of bread.


Bread & Wine Sampling: This was a small introduction to the Bread & Wine theme. Three wines and three types of bread from the Weinviertel region were tasted, which provided a picture of the interaction of the products on the palate.


Wine taster: On selected days, vineyards presented their Gault Millau and Falstaff award-winning wines.

Gourmet: Top chefs cooked at the vineyard for this programme. Thus, the vineyard transformed into a stage for delicatessen. The interplay of regional dishes at the highest level and excellent wines left nothing to be desired.


Exhibition businesses: With regard to the Weinviertel exhibition businesses, guests could look behind the scenes at the production of regional delicacies.


Purchase & Sample: Purchasing from the Weinviertel producers is a sensual delight! Regional products awaited in pure or refined form to be tasted in tranquillity.


Weinviertel delicacy market: Weinviertel producers introduced their products at the Weinviertel delicacy markets in Poysdorf and Asparn. Thus, visitors could convince themselves of the authentic taste of the food from the region!


Regional Partner Programme Weinviertel 2014

After the successes in 2012 and 2013, the Regional Partner Programme was continued in 2014. More than 60 businesses, who had pledged their support for the Weinviertel and were looking to network, participated. The focus was on the continuation of the exchange of information and experience in education across the Weinviertel region, in the transfer of knowledge about the Weinviertel products, in quality assurance and quality enhancement, as well as in the cooperation between the businesses. The high quality, informative programme included various Weinviertel tours, excursions, workshops, regional partner meetings and additional offers.


The field trip to South Tyrol was certainly a highlight. The focus was on the generation of ideas through innovations in the fields of accommodation, catering or wine taverns, production, wine and marketing. The on-location discussions with those responsible provided first-hand comprehensive specialist inputs.


Mutual understanding and getting to know the region were two essential components and objectives of the Regional Partner Programme. Company tours provided an excellent opportunity to promote networking. These were actively used to exchange experiences, to gather ideas and to promote mutual understanding.    


In the meantime, the Weinviertel partner businesses have a good network and they are united in working for the region. This is a good basis for new developments, new ideas and new projects. The Regional Partner Programme has made it possible for various businesses and stakeholders to work together and pull in the same direction.  


Learning regions are an instrument for strengthening lifelong learning and establishing knowledge management in rural areas. Partners from various areas contribute ideas and projects around the topics of learning, regional knowledge and (adult) education. Above all, since learning regions are components of the Austrian Rural Development Programme (LE 07-13), LEADER regions can also emerge as learning regions.


In a learning region, the important stakeholders in a region develop a network around the topic of “Learning”, develop a regional strategy in relation to “Learning” and implement this strategy together. In the context of this network, the needs, opportunities and synergies of the region become visible. The benefits of a regional approach to the topic of “Learning & Education” are that the region “brings learning closer to home for the learners” and there can be specific answers with regard to what education is needed by the people in the region. Besides the inhabitants of the region, the institutions in the regional network and the “region as a whole” can also learn something in the learning region. The objectives of the learning region are “learning” to anchor strategically in the region, to develop and implement exciting education projects together, to raise awareness of learning in the population and thus make the region more future-oriented.


You can find information on the project “Learning region” here www.lernende-regionen.at/de/default.asp

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The learning region Weinviertel Ost

Lifelong learning is now one of the most important prerequisites for being able to actively make the dynamic changes – both professionally and in social and cultural fields. In view of these facts, the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost decided to actively participate as a “learning region” and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people in the region and the economy.


The objective of the learning region Weinviertel Ost was to develop structures which promote lifelong learning on a regional basis. However, the learning should not be restricted to individuals, but it should also include participating institutions, i.e. provide incentives for quality development in the sense of the concept of “learning organisation”. Ultimately, learning in the region should promote itself. The six topic areas of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost were the basis for the regional strategy of the “learning region” programme. In order to broaden the areas of “Culture & Networking“ and “Education & Qualification“ in particular, as it were, a regional education strategy was developed, which dealt with requirements, framework conditions and regional educational needs more intensively.


The strategy was implemented as follows:



This focus area included networking and the exchange of experience within the region and at other relevant levels, but also the cross-sectoral cooperation with the use of diverse synergies.


  • CREATING awareness & QUALITY of life

The points of learning, knowledge and qualification formed the framework conditions for this focus area. The objective was to provide more motivation and better conditions for (further) education in the region, because education is the personal success factor and the “human capital” of a region.



The objective of the learning region Weinviertel Ost was, among other things, to highlight the educational opportunities in the region for different generations and target groups. An important focus was on the preservation, maintenance and dissemination or further development of regional or region-specific competences, skills and abilities as well as the cooperation of educational institutions in the region.


2 projects: Education database, Municipal Education Management


Simply finding EDUCATION.


Lower Austria is in the fortunate position to have a diverse educational landscape, where there are a large number of active local and regional education providers in addition to the classical, large institutes. There are also various – often theme-specific – organisations, which provide education. With the project “Lower Austrian Education Database – www.lernende-gemeinde.at”, a database was created, which contains all educational opportunities. The objective is to provide the population with a comprehensive overview of all educational opportunities from the different educational institutions.

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The project “Lower Austrian Education Database” was a cooperation project of the Lower Austrian LEADER regions. The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost was selected by the project promoter (BHW – Bildungs- und Heimatwerk NÖ), to implement the first Lower Austrian Education Database in a test phase as a pilot region, due to the diversity of the region.


The Lower Austrian Education Database provides the following opportunities:


  • Educational opportunities from the municipalities, the districts and the whole of Lower Austria can be found at www.lernende–gemeinde.at
  • All providers at a glance: Nationwide educational institutions, regional initiatives, local associations and other education providers under one roof
  • Simple search – whether by region, theme or provider
  • Service and information for education seekers and providers: List of consultants, bookable seminars, newsletter service, overview of Lower Austrian learning municipalities and regions


Successfully organise adult education.

Municipal Education Management” was a cooperation project, which was implemented in 15 Lower Austrian LEADER regions. It enabled educational work to be adapted locally, the networking of stakeholders and thus the creation of sustainable and successful educational work for everyone.


The programme was primarily aimed at anyone interested in adult education. It was tailored for the volunteers in adult education, the education officers in the municipalities and the members of the networks in the learning regions.


Furthermore, it addressed decision-makers in LEADER groups, learning regions, education councillors, education providers, employees in libraries and educational institutions.


The project “Municipal Education Management” won the Dr. Erwin Pröll Future Award Milestone 2012.


You can find more detailed information about the project here www.kommunales-bildungsmanagement.at

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Marktplatz Bildung (Education marketplace) - service centre for municipal education

The large number of adult educational institutions in Lower Austria provide various education and further education programmes.


Marktplatz Bildung coordinates tailored, further vocational training programmes with qualification offers and the opportunity to obtain educational qualifications together with the local education councillors and education officers in the municipalities.



  • Coordination of supply and demand
  • Information on funding opportunities
  • Advice and support of local education councillors and education officers
  • Initiation of nationwide projects and events