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Experience & Preserve

The projects allocated to the field of action “Experience & Preserve” focused on the experiential value of the Weinviertel region. This applied to special excursion destinations as well as cultural tourism programmes or nature experiences. Marketing and communications programmes drew attention to the interesting information and discoveries. Adventure and themed trails, such as “the flight of the falcon”, provided special insights into the region. Nature conservation and environmental education has also found its place here. Projects such as “Holiday at the farm” and “Holiday at the vineyard” not only added to the offer of hotel beds, they also contributed to strengthening the agricultural enterprises.



  • 49 submitted projects
  • € 2.08 million funding volume
  • € 7.8 million investment volume



Download: Querfeldein "Erleben & Bewahren"


Adventure and themed trails were promoted and contributed to attracting tourists to the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost. The Falkenstein ruins became a new experience and interactive on small and large trails on the themed trail "flight of the falcon". Visitors start in the "nest of the falcon": Town hall, marketplace, horse pond, guided by the falcons themselves. Visitors then spread their wings to the "small flight of the falcon" - church - castle ruins – Kellergasse (cellar lanes).

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Instead of signposts, metal wings sit on large limestones, printed with the stories and tales of the falcon. Attractions such as vineyard huts, picnic areas, show cellars in the Kellergasse and a vineyard labyrinth can be found along the trail. Weinviertel wine taverns provide an inviting environment. Finally, there is an opportunity for walking fans to go on larger excursions with the falcon on well-signed hiking trails. The falcon is always the symbol and guide, who tells the stories of the Falkenstein, landscape and wine.


You can find more information and details on the "Flight of the Falcon" on the following link http://www.falkenstein.gv.at/system/web/default.aspx?menuonr=223037824


Video reports: https://storify.com/TeresaArrieta/weinviertel-ost-leader


The overnight stay figures for the Weinviertel region are increasing and this is also linked to the need for quality standards. This was made possible in the Weinviertel region with the support of LEADER, whereby business and their offerings were adjusted to quality standards, such as “Holiday at the vineyard”.


The “Holiday at the vineyard” is very popular with guests in the Weinviertel region. There are many opportunities here, such as participating in the grape harvest or wine tasting in the cellars. Accommodation can be found at the traditional winegrowing farm, in the modern vineyard or in a romantic press house. The uniform system “Holiday at the farm” and the categorisation with flowers means more product and quality assurance for the guests and tenants and it simplifies the farm selection and booking for the guests.


With regard to Holiday at the vineyard, the guests see where the wine grows. This ranges from the traditional wine farm to the modern vineyard. An overview of Holiday at the vineyard – suppliers in the Weinviertel region and other information can be found here    www.urlaubamwinzerhof.at


The former Amber Road with its palaces, castles and museums offers a wide range of opportunities for discovery and experiences for children. In order to make the many places of interest and excursion destinations tasteful for even the youngest guests, the family mascot Betty Bernstein was created and a series of exciting family programmes were developed. The red-haired girl stands for curiosity, interest and fun with the playful approach to culture and history and for interactive art education, fun and games in more than 30 excursion destinations in the Weinviertel region. Children accompanied by their parents can enjoy themselves, experiment and make things, dress up and go on treasure hunts with Betty Bernstein from April to October. In the context of the LEADER measures promoted, the activities were expanded around Betty Bernstein: Betty Bernstein children's menu, merchandising products, Betty Bernstein teams at major events, summer holiday events, ...


You can find more information on Adventures with Betty here http://www.betty-bernstein.at


Sit together with others at the large stylishly-set table and be pampered with delicacies by the Weinviertel host – in the most beautiful places in the Weinviertel region. This is the “Dine in the Weinviertel” mission. The main focus is on the inner values of the Weinviertel region and the quality of its products. The tables are set outdoors, in the middle of a meadow, on the edge of a fragrant grain field, in the middle of the vineyards or along a romantic Kellergasse, and some of the best regional chefs prepare dishes with regional products. This is accompanied by fresh, spicy and fruity wines – and music.    

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In 2011, the LEADER-funded project “Dine in the Weinviertel” was awarded the Austrian Event Award as the best overall campaign in Austria. The reasoning of the high-ranking jury: The most beautiful parts of the region were prepared in a challenging event series, and the values of nature and homeland were tastefully set centre stage. The wave of enthusiasm continues.


In summer 2012, 15 tables were already set across the Weinviertel region – from Retz to Auersthal. More than 1,270 guests enjoyed the culinary delights at the sold-out tables from June to August. In addition, “Dine in the Weinviertel” generated around 300 overnight stays. 


Find more information on "Dine in the Weinviertel" here www.weinviertel.at/tafeln-im-weinviertel


The nine member companies of the “ARGE Youth Tourism Weinviertel” have developed exciting packages for the nine target group schools & children’s groups. Many of the programmes involve natural local adventures. Our children are often exposed to stress and hecticness in everyday life. There is little time to “be children”, for boisterous games or spontaneous adventures. The wide and idyllic Weinviertel landscape provides enough space and opportunity for frolicking around and letting off steam! There is also a variety of opportunities to make the stay stimulating and attractive for children and young people with various programmes. Numerous leisure programmes can be experienced in an intact natural environment directly on Vienna's doorstep: Bird language, games of hide and sneak and tracking not only strengthen individual perception skills – the children and young people also learn to find peace of mind and concentrate on nature without a mobile phone and iPad.

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Of course, there is no end to the sport and fun during a stay in the Weinviertel! A tour on the tractor, grilling sausages on the campfire, a game of golf or tackling the forest climbing course together can promote group cohesion and strengthen shared experiences. We have paid special attention to ensuring that as many as possible of the programmes in the Weinviertel can be reached by public transport.


The catalogue “Excursions and project days in the Weinviertel” is available here: http://www.weinviertel.at/prospektbestellung