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Wine & Delicatessen

Investments in quality wine and delicatessen dominated the field of action “Wine & Delicatessen”. Marketing channels, particularly wine tavern projects, but also the marketing activities of wine routes or Weinviertel Tourismus could benefit from LEADER programme funding. Wine tourism initiatives and marketing activities for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition “Bread and Wine” ensured the clear positioning of the region. A key objective was to establish the Weinviertel as a Wine and Delicatessen Region. Product variety, regionality and quality were strengthened in intensive cooperation with the Delicatessen Regions.



·         100 submitted projects

·         € 3.55 million funding volume

·         € 11 million investment volume



Download: Querfeldein "Wein & Genuss"





The Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game covers the entire Weinviertel region. Game can find ideal conditions for a stress-free life in the open natural environment here. This unrestricted freedom of movement and the varied food supply on meadows with a high proportion of herbs and grasses are directly responsible for the deliciousness of the game meat. The game populations in the Weinviertel region are managed sustainably, and shooting and breeding compensate for each other, as Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game is shot according to strict quality criteria and only what can be professionally handled on the same day according to food hygiene regulations.


The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost implemented initiatives to establish the Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game in the entire Weinviertel region and to position new trends in marking.

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Lepus 2013 – All about wild boar


The Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game organised the LEPUS competition 2013/2014 for the third time, again in cooperation with the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost, the Butchers‘ Guild and the Weinviertel Wine Committee. Wild boar products from the Weinviertel region were judged in five different categories in the “LEPUS 2013 – All about wild boar” competition. The LEPUS 2013 winner was announced at the Vienna Hofburg in March 2014.


The Weinviertel relies on game in contemporary cuisine


The Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game is trying to set a new trend with regard to regional dishes in cooperation with the hunting community, butchers and the catering trade. “Wine & Delicatessen” is an important focus area for the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost. In this context, the LEADER region promotes the Delicatessen Region Weinviertel Game.


You can also find information at www.weinviertler-wild.at or the Delicatessen Region Austria website www.genuss-region.at/article/archive/18585.



The Weinviertel Genussrolle (delicatessen) is a "precious tube" filled with region-specific, high quality products from the Weinviertel regional, which was offered in different variants. From sweet marmalades and sharp crackers to seeds and hemp seed through to hearty game sausages or fine grapeseed oils: The well-designed tubes contained the best of what the farmers and food producers of the Weinviertel had to offer.

The Weinviertel Genussrolle presented itself as an original, practical and inexpensive gift idea.


The Genussrolle Weinviertel was represented nationally and internationally at Weinviertel DAC presentations in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Munich. The elegant Genussrolle was filled in 16 variants with selected regional products.


Click here for the Genussrolle website www.kostbares-weinviertel.at




The Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition with the theme “Bread & Wine” took place in the Weinviertel in 2013. The Prehistory Museum Asparn an der Zaya and the wine capital of Poysdorf brought millennia of fascinating cultural history to life under the title “Bread & Wine” and they impressed with their interesting exhibits. However, it was not only Asparn and Poysdorf that came to life. An entire region, i.e. the 57 municipalities of the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost, were prepared for the Provincial Exhibition. With regard to the main exhibition venues, the Wolkersdorf Castle, the Mistelbach museum centre, the spa town of Laa an der Thaya, the museum village of Niedersulz and the regional museum in Mikulov Castle (CZ) were defined as partners.


In this context, the Regional Partner Programme was developed in cooperation with the regional preparation team, LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost and Weinviertel Tourismus, who prepared 138 businesses for the Provincial Exhibition and the rush of guests. Exactly 305,366 guests attended the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 on 192 exhibition days. Overall, the Provincial Exhibition created 26 million Euro in additional regional added value, thus 240 jobs were created and secured in the region. But that’s not all. Numerous regional projects – school projects, cocktail competition, open Kellergassen (cellar lanes) – were implemented, traditional festivals were organised and celebrated with the entire region and the guests. 


A review of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013 with the theme “Bread & Wine” at sites in Asparn/Zaya and Poysdorf can be found here.

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Ideas, projects and implementation – Networking during the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2013   


School projects


Many schools deal with the Provincial Exhibition and the theme “Bread & Wine”, sometimes with a critical eye. Above all, the schools of the local municipalities and partners were invited to submit project ideas on the theme “Bread & Wine”. Many classes, across all school levels, participated and presented exciting contributions. These projects were financially supported by Regional Minister Karl Wilfing. A few examples: Poysdorf: “Schools evening” and “Grapevine greeting” for VIPs at the opening of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition, school community Asparn an der Zaya: “Homemade” – bread recipe for VIPs at the opening of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition, EHS II Mistelbach: Grandma's sweet recipes, HTL Mistelbach: Application for Tablet PCs for exhibition “Sweet Delight”, BG/BRG Wolkersdorf: wonder world vineyard, fascination field – a guide through fauna and flora in relation to the theme “Bread & Wine”, BHAK and BHAS Laa: The students invited guests for water, bread and wine!


Cocktail competition    


The Weinviertel in a cocktail glass – that was the goal of the cocktail competition, to which the secondary schools with the subject Bar studies were invited to participate. Important guidelines: Creation of an alcoholic cocktail with Weinviertel DAC and an alcohol-free cocktail with grape juice, the use of regional products and the creative interpretation of the theme “Bread & Wine” in recipe and garnish. The winner –HLT Tourism School Retz – was announced by Regional Minister Karl Wilfing as part of the information event on 17.02.2013 in Poysdorf. The two winning cocktails “Weinviertel DAC Inkognito” (wine cocktail) and “Aurora” (grape juice cocktail) were included in the menus of the Weinviertel bars. Both recipes can be read on specifically created on table stands.


Open Kellergassen (cellar lanes)


The unique Kellergassen culture was taken into account with the cross-border project “Open Kellergassen tell stories” in the context of preparation for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition. The four model Kellergassen in South Moravia and in the Weinviertel (Falkenstein, Kronberg, Poysdorf Gstetten and Poysdorf Radyweg) have been recorded with a “Kellergassen satellite” – a staged wine cask as an info point with information on the respective Kellergasse. The centre is the Poysdorfer Radyweg – a narrow Kellergasse, which starts behind the world of wine & grapes. Productions on various themes can be admired in six show cellars. The project was implemented by both partners Weinviertel Tourismus and Tourismuszentrale Südmähren in the context of the European territorial cooperation (ETZ) Austria – Czech Republic 2007-2013, which was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).


Networking & cooperation


The greatest benefit of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition and thus the real success is the excellent cooperation of the various institutions and the exemplary networking of the regional initiatives and organisations in the Weinviertel region, including Lower Austrian village and town renewal, the regional management of Lower Austria, LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost, Weinviertel Tourismus, Viertelfestival, Weinviertel Wine Committee, Catholic Church (offers on the Way of St. James Weinviertel, homepage with all mass dates at locations and partner locations, joint solemn masses). Together, we will go into the coming years with new incentives and this impetus.      


Festival celebrations – many new highlights in the Weinviertel region

During the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition, numerous regional and supra-regional festivals were celebrated, including:


The Weinviertel Ball (06.04.2013, Mistelbach town hall): A glittering ball evening with a focus on the Weinviertel – by and for the people of the Weinviertel region. The cultural association Salto from Mistelbach organised this new event with the support of the regional preparation team.


Tracht or Trash Wineparty (05.07.2013, Korneuburg shipyard): Entirely in line with the motto of the evening “Tracht or Trash” everyone was dancing to DJ Line until the early hours, whether in bold Tracht traditional costume or freaky trash outfits. Weinviertel DAC gave the event an extra boost. The Weinviertel Wine Committee invited guests to this party together with the regional preparation team.        


Weinviertel Kirtag (07.07.2013, Gstetten Poysdorf): The Weinviertel Kirtag upholds the tradition of des Kirtag custom in Weinviertel. Under the motto “Tradition is back in fashion”, the programme consists of Kirtag dancing, Kirtag bowling and Weinviertel Kirtag delicacies – typical things for a Weinviertel Kirtag.        


SommerGenussFestival (20.07.2013, Gstetten Poysdorf): This event brought together connoisseurs with all their senses to find what their hearts desire. Some of the best chefs and winemakers from the region pampered the guests with culinary delights together with the delicatessen partners from Franconia (DE) and South Moravia (CZ). There were also cultural treats and entertaining highlights.


Weinviertel harvest festival (15.09.2013, Asparn/Zaya): Numerous beautifully decorated harvest festival floats represented the variety of fruitfulness of the Weinviertel region. The tradition of the harvest festival is still very much alive in the Weinviertel region. Together with the Catholic Church, people wish to continue this custom.


Wild Grape Fest (28.09.2013, Gstetten Poysdorf): While classical wine harvest festivals focus on the wine, the focus here was on the grapes. At the same time, the festival was the kick-off event for the LEPUS 2013 competition, which called on butchers and game-processing businesses to create a finished premium product from wild boar. The festival offered a varied programme for the entire family.


Award for the most beautiful Kellergasse (16.10.2013, Poysdorf): This initiative came from Lower Austria on behalf of the governor, a specialist jury selected the most beautiful Kellergasse and named Wildendürnbach as the winner in 2013. The award ceremony, which was organised by the regional preparation team, was part of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition.


Supra-regional events: The Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition included certain supra-regional productions in the region, including “Mei liabste Weis” (22.06.2013), Erlebnis Österreich (Experience Austria) (31.05.2013), Radio NÖ morning get-together, and various television broadcasts. The regional preparation team was supportive with the organisation and management.