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Is my idea eligible for funding?

Basis for the LEADER programme

LEADER has also been a success story in Austria since 1995. The basis for the LEADER funding in the period 2014-2020 is provided by the EU regulation (no. 1303/2013), which regulates the implementation of the European Structural and Investment Fund. At the national level, the “Rural Development Programme 2014-2020” (LE 2020) regulates the implementation of LEADER. Both of these regulations allow us to claim both European and national funding for the sustainable development of rural areas in the eastern Weinviertel until 2020.


In order to claim LEADER funding as a region, a development plan is required. This so-called local development strategy must be tailored to the region and its economic, ecological and social conditions.


The aim of LEADER is to improve the quality of life and the economic conditions in the region. The three main priorities are the development of added value, the preservation and sustainable development of natural resources and cultural heritage as well as the strengthening of welfare structures and functions.


The Local Action Group (LAG) is responsible for the implementation of the local development strategy, as it best knows the potentials of the region, acts as an interface and encourages or supports the implementation of projects. An independent LAG management conducts the business and supports all project promoters and interested parties.


The population of a LEADER region must not be less than 10,000 or more than 150,000 inhabitants.