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Is my idea eligible for funding?


LEADER is an European funding programme for the innovative promotion of rural areas. The term comes from the French (“Liaison entre actions de développement de l´économie rurale”) and stands for the connection between actions developing the rural economy. LEADER was introduced in 1991 and has been implemented in Austria since joining the EU in 1995. The objective is to support the rural regions of Europe on the path of independent development.


The LEADER programme builds on the people and their needs and local conditions; hence the projects can be very different. The European Union’s idea is to support the regions with their potentials and committed people in this way.


The basis for this European funding is provided by the EU regulation, which regulates the implementation of the European Structural and Investment Fund. The state of Austria and the province of Lower Austria also contribute funds based on the “Austrian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020”.


In order to claim LEADER funding as a region, it must also be recognised as a LEADER region. For this purpose, it must apply at the start of an EU funding period with a local development strategy. This strategy contains the jointly developed objectives of citizens, municipalities and regional stakeholders for the next seven years. If this strategy is convincing, the region will become a LEADER region.


In the LEADER region Weinviertel Ost, 58 municipalities from the districts of Mistelbach, Gänserndorf and Korneuburg decided to join forces and together improve the quality of life in the region.