• Roadmap for the 
    next 7 years



Here’s what we plan to achieve:

The Local development strategy

LEADER is based on the notion of helping people in the Weinviertel Ost region improve their local area in the long-term. The local population play a key role in development and innovation in rural areas. The LEADER program aims to improve quality of life and economic conditions in the region with a focus on four main topics:

1. regional value enhancement 
2. Conserving and sustainably developing natural resources and cultural heritage
3. Improving structures and functions for the common good 
4. Making changes to stop climate change

Each project must cover at least one of the above topics and contribute to achieving regional targets in order to make a positive contribution towards the ongoing development of the eastern Weinviertel. We fund innovative concepts that set new impetus for the region and help us achieve our local development strategy.

By 2027, we hope to transform Weinviertel Ost into a liveable region with committed individuals who live in a region characterised by high quality of life and leisure along with a strong economy.