• The LEADER idea

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LEADER encourages participation in the regional development of rural areas. People are the main drivers of change. We focus on the strengths and potential offered by each region, accounting for the individual needs of the local area. As a result, we fund a wide range of projects, which can be precisely tailored to the challenges and opportunities available in each region. The LEADER concept is based on several principles.


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LEADER is our participatory approach to regional development.

LEADER promotes all aspects of regional society to an equal extent: municipalities, the private sector and civil society. The program is designed to help local stakeholders find innovative solutions to regional challenges. Self-organisation and the ability to solve problems independently play a key role in the success of a project. At the start of each program period, LEADER teams work closely with the general public to develop a local development strategy. Once finalised, the strategy sets out the objectives and challenges faced. Individual solutions can be established and implemented during the 7-year program period.

LEADER – our organisation

LEADER provides a unique network for acquiring information and learning about strategic topics. Our reach goes far beyond the borders of our region. We also connect people facing similar challenges at the Lower Austrian, Austrian and European level. As a networking think tank, we bring people together and share knowledge. Sometimes even resulting in shared projects! Our local action group (LAG) has an office in the region and functions as the central management unit. It provides advice on questions relating to funding, connects all stakeholders and can also play a role in entrepreneurial activities. There couldn’t be a better place for your concepts!

LEADER – our innovative European funding program

LEADER offers financial support for concepts and projects that aim to develop urban areas, primarily using EU funds and national co-financing. However, LEADER provides more than just funding. It is also an active form of participatory democracy co-financed by regional and private stakeholders. The LEADER program allows stakeholders to tap into European funding available for trying out new ideas to manage regional challenges. Our primary focus is on innovative solutions that aim to develop urban areas.