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Discover easy living in the Weinviertel and our communities - LEBENS.wertes Weinviertel


Learn more about the benefits of living in the Weinviertel. We pursue and fund initiatives that help increase in the quality of life for all inhabitants of the eastern Weinviertel. Find out more on our website.

Discover easy living in the Weinviertel and our communities - LEBENS.wertes Weinviertel


Learn more about the benefits of living in the Weinviertel. We pursue and fund initiatives that help increase in the quality of life for all inhabitants of the eastern Weinviertel. Find out more on our website.

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Population survey: Quality of life in the Weinviertel


The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost conducted a survey on quality of life to better understand the concerns of the population and, above all, look into local issues. Positive outcome: with a Better Life Index grade of 7.2, people in the Weinviertel Ost region are happier than the average Austrian (7.1). However, the analyses mainly focused on hopes for the future and room for improvement in the region. The points highlighted in the survey were listened to across the entire region. In response, a project encompassing the entire region was launched by the LEADER team to address and improve on these ‘shortcomings’.


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What the Weinviertel region has to offer


Festivities bring joy and promote a sense of community. We provide all the latest information to keep locals informed of everything they need to know about festivals and events in the eastern Weinviertel. These occasions offer a great opportunity to locals and newcomers get to know each other better and have a great time. A lot of research has been done to learn more about local customs and the cellar lanes in the Weinviertel. We have also developed a database of leisure activities in the region. Choosing how to spend your free time in the Weinviertel is as individual as the people themselves. A wide range of destinations make it the ideal place for young and old alike.


Kinder mit ihrer Mutter am Spielplatz Laa/Thaya

Weinviertel leisure activities database


Why travel far away when there are great things to discover right on your doorstep? The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost has developed a leisure activities database to showcase everything on offer in the Weinviertel. Whether you're a fan of indoor or outdoor activities, sports or checking out the local cultural. We cover all the best tips for day trips, leisure activities or planning a weekend in our leisure activities database. Find your dream day trip at the click of a mouse with the new leisure activities database. Plans fallen through due to rain? Just add the bad weather search filter to find a great alternative. The database will display all leisure activities that match your search terms. An area search also allows you to limit the results to the surrounding area.

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Making communities fit for the future


The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost has introduced numerous measures to move municipal communications to the digital world:

  • In order to ensure the municipalities had an up-to-date internet presence (e.g. responsive design), they each received brand new websites. A website is very important for helping people find the municipality and is an indispensable advertising tool.
  • The top marketing tool right now is videos. A video lasting roughly 2 minutes was produced for each municipality with scenes filmed at different locations to highlight the unique selling points of each area.
  • Professional photos were taken to give the municipalities a modern brand on various platforms.
  • The municipal newspaper is the most widely read medium and therefore the best way to pass on information to the public. To improve this service, a communications expert held workshops on the topic of newsletters.
  • At a media and copyright workshop, the municipalities were instructed on how to create publications without violating any laws.
  • Good image is the top priority when it comes to PR! At the photography workshop, employees of the municipality were taught the basics of photography.
  • Another marketing tool was also added to the portfolio for the municipalities: postcards! Fans of the region can admire it at all times on their notice board!
An einem Tisch sitzen eine Person im Rollstuhl und andere mit verschiedenen Migrationshintergründen und unterhalten sich lachend

Immigration & integration in the municipalities

The 58 municipalities in the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost each have their own unique patterns when it comes to population development. Some municipalities have experienced extremely rapid growth due to the vast influx of people from Vienna, while other municipalities have almost halved in size in recent decades with the amount of people moving to the area failing to offset the negative birth rate. Regardless of whether a municipality has a positive or negative population growth rate, many new people are moving to the municipalities each year. There are plenty of new faces in the community who need help finding their feet and integrating into village and community life. Newcomers often only get involved in community life to a minimal extent and make little use of the (economic) services available to them. That’s precisely where we come in.

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Projects launched to date


We’ve improving quality of life in the eastern Weinviertel by imparting regional knowledge, raising awareness, revitalising living space with leisure and recreational facilities, building a stronger sense of community and also marketing regional products as well as ideas for the regional economy. Along with our own LEBENS.wertes Weinviertel initiatives, many projects have been launched in partnership with other project organisers.