2007 - 2013

A look back at

the funding period 
2007 - 2013

The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost was established as an association for the 2007 – 2013 program planning period and consisted of 57 municipalities with roughly 112,000 inhabitants. Over the course of seven years, €13.5 million in funding was obtained for 480 projects in the region, with the total costs amounting to €39 million. The successful work in the region kicked off with a tailor-made strategy developed back in 2007 with the involvement of local citizens. This strategy consisted of six main spheres of action, which provided the basis for initiatives moving ahead and promoted regional development with targeted measures.

  1. Wine & enjoyment
  2. Health & activities
  3. Economic success & participation
  4. Experiences & conserving the region
  5. Culture & networking
  6. Education & qualification