• LEADER Region
    Weinviertel Ost

Developing is great. Knowing the end goal is even better. 


LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost priorities

Over the coming years, we will be prioritising four main topics. In terms of regional value enhancement , we plan to primarily focus on regional products in addition to economic and tourist incentives. When it comes to  conserving our natural and cultural heritage, the priority lies in strengthening the regional identity, focusing on conserving our landscape and finding new ways to revitalise the cellar-lined streets. Projects aimed at promoting the common good will revitalise town centres, realise the ideas voiced by young people, increase the amount of voluntary work and establish intermunicipal cooperation. The final focus areaClimate protection & adapting to climate change , involves projects concerning the use of regional resources and preparing for climate change. Certain priorities that are close to our hearts here in the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost have emerged from each of this focus area. All under the motto: There couldn’t be a better place for your concepts!

Our roadmap for the next 7 years

Past funding periods

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