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Promoting the common good


The eastern Weinviertel offers an unrivalled quality of life for all of its inhabitants with a diverse mix of lively villages and towns. We aim to launch new projects to strengthen the coexistence of young and old, maintain and improve the high quality of living, to digitally connect the Weinviertel and revitalise town centres. Weinviertel residents should be encouraged to get involved and actively contribute to society. We pay special attention to the concerns voiced by the youth. Together, we are looking for new creative solutions for current and future challenges. 

An einem Tisch sitzen eine Person im Rollstuhl und andere mit verschiedenen Migrationshintergründen und unterhalten sich lachend
Kinder kommen mit einem Fahrrad und treffen Freunde vor dem Rathhaus



If we are to revitalise town centres and make villages more liveable, first we need to work on reducing vacancy rates. This involves finding new carefully considered ways to repurpose and continue using vacant buildings. Mobility within towns and villages is also in need of improvement. For example, creating more cycle paths makes it safer to cycle and allows people to travel short distances without a car. 

Kinder laufen berg hinunter



Being able to count on our local community is a matter of crucial importance, particularly in times of crisis. In light of this, we want to promote projects that encourage active community involvement in the eastern Weinviertel. Establishing a wide range of leisure activities, encouraging volunteering and developing networks are particularly important. Everyone should feel like part of community and at home in the Weinviertel. We are fans of inclusion, equality and community! 

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If we want to showcase the Weinviertel as a great place to live and work, we need to introduce innovative options for infant care, afternoon care and family care. Working parents shouldn’t need to worry about their little ones during working hours and nothing should get in the way of achieving a healthy work-life balance. This also entails providing extra services for children during the holidays. 

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This topic focuses on projects designed to improve the expansion of partnerships. Communications with residents can be simplified with a smart, modern and citizen-oriented municipality. One of our primary objectives is to promote the use of smart technologies (e.g. smart lighting, smart waste disposal). This calls for novel concepts to achieve the best results for each community.